Custom Pet Portrait Update and Pricing

Welcome to The Barkroom Blog!

We are supaw excited to be publishing our furry first blog post! The Barkroom Blog is our play on hooman speak--it's similar to a photographer's darkroom, where things are developed.

As many of you know, we like to dabble and experiment on a lot of things--we're pretty sure any species of the furry kind can relate!

Custom Portrait Service Offering

One of our ongoing projects has been custom portraits--or, in our own language, "custom pawtraits".  This product offering is still in its infancy, and we're rolling out each piece / capability slowly but surely. As any responsible canine or feline citizen would agree, we cannot recommend any product without a thorough sniff test and paw of approval (with a four-paws rating).

What We're Offering Now

Our shop is now officially accepting custom digital portrait commissions in two different styles (both styles are hand-drawn artwork and not a digital "edit" or photo manipulation):

  • Minimalist Line Work
  • Modern Illustrated Look

Below, you'll find examples of our minimalist line work in the form of threaded (embroidered) and unthreaded (digital / printed) products.

The minimalist line work option offers a very classic look that suits a variety of surfaces. This style is perfect for machine embroidery*, custom stationery, custom apparel, custom logo work*, and more.

While we aren't officially offering custom embroidered portraits* at this time, we certainly hope to be able to release this option soon--also, incrementally (one product at a time). Our hoomans constantly remind us to never take on more than we can chew. 

*Additional fees will apply.


Below is an example of a modern, illustrated look, and our client had requested that the portrait be printed on a coffee mug.

(The following photograph of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier belongs to Baxter and his family, and we are using it on this blog post as an example, with their written permission.)


This modern style involves combining multiple layers of color and technique which give it a subtle, edgy look. The intent is to bring back memories of reading your favorite cartoon strip or comic book, with your favorite furry friend as the main character. No mouse clicks were used to produce this portrait -- we think we're able to better connect with the subject when we draw each one by hand. The result is an expressive form of art which closely resembles the subject in the reference photo.

Below is an example of this same drawing style against a very popular landscape.

Due to the added complexity of including a background, we will accept custom landscape portrait work (or portraits with a custom background) on a case by case basis (additional fees will apply). 

Our client commissioned us to draw this portrait and have it printed on a 15oz coffee mug.


Our custom portraits printed on a coffee mug certainly make for wonderful gifts especially during the holidays--and you can easily order them over and over, again!

Custom Portrait Pricing

The following pricing structure is for one (1) pet. Please contact us to obtain a quote for multiple pets.

Note: Shipping, sales tax, and VAT are not included in these prices.

Package 1:

Minimalist Portrait Digital Illustration

1a) Printed on one (1) 11oz coffee mug: $100.00 USD
Additional 11oz mugs: $20.00 USD each

1b) Printed on one (1) 15oz coffee mug: $102.00 USD
Additional 15oz mugs: $22.00 USD each

Package 2:

Modern Portrait Digital Illustration

2a) Printed on one (1) 11oz coffee mug: $145.00 USD
Additional 11oz mugs: $20.00 USD each

2b) Printed on one (1) 15oz coffee mug: $147.00 USD
Additional 15oz mugs: $22.00 USD each

Optional Add-On's:

3a) Printed on 24 1.5-inch round stickers: $12.99 USD

3b) Printed on 48 1.5-inch round stickers: $24.99 USD

3c) Printed on 12 Standard 4x6 postcards: $21.00 USD

3d Printed on 24 Standard 4x6 postcards: $40.00 USD

3e) Printed on 12 Medium 5x7 postcards: $26.00 USD

3f) Printed on 24 Medium 5x7 postcards: $50.00 USD

3g) Printed on 24 4.13" x 5.83" greeting cards: $80.00 USD

3h) Printed on 48 4.13" x 5.83" greeting cards: $150.00 USD

3i) Printed on 48 2.56" x 2.56" mini square greetings: $46.00 USD

3j) Printed on 48 mini square greetings (rounded corners): $56.00 USD

Processing Time

Processing times vary depending on the season. Currently, we have a two to three week turnaround time on custom portrait work, with three rounds of revisions included in the price. This does not include the processing time for the different products on which the digital portrait will be printed. For example, coffee mugs take 2-7 business days to process once the order is placed, plus an average of 3-8 business days of shipping time (for orders within the US).

If you need to have your order processed sooner, please let us know. Additional fees may apply. 

Reserving A Spot

Please email us at to reserve a spot. We will reply regarding our availability for that month (for example, we are fully booked for September and October is almost full). 


Once your spot is confirmed by us via email, we will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit upfront. The other 50% will be due once the artwork has been approved. 

Payment options include PayPal and all credit cards specified at the bottom of this page.


By submitting reference photos to us via email, you are certifying that you own the rights to those photographs / images and that we may use them as a reference for the sole purpose of creating your custom portrait. Unless you give us the written permission to use your photographs and/or reference photos for marketing purposes, we will refrain from doing so.

We will fully own and retain the copyright for our artwork and we reserve the right to use your custom portrait for marketing purposes. If your order is for a gift, please email us to let us know the "big reveal" date so we can make a note to hold off on using the artwork for marketing purposes until after that date. 

Reference Photos

Please email us at least 3-4 photos to use as a reference. It is very important to send us photos of good quality so we can see the details more clearly. Light colored pups tend to get their coats "washed out" by natural or artificial light when overexposed. Dark coated pups tend to be underexposed, making it challenging to see their facial expressions and personality, especially their eyes. 

If possible, please take the photo at eye level, meaning, the pup's eye level. This will reduce the likelihood of skewed proportions, allowing us to better capture your pet's expressions. 

Please email us about your pet--his or her personality, her favorite expressions, etc.

Please note that we will not be able to make any major deviations from the reference photo with the exception of adding a small fashion accessory like a solid colored bow tie or bandana. Please let us know about these special requests before we begin our project. 


Please provide us with an email address where we can best reach you. The quicker you reply to any of our inquiries or requests, the better our chances at completing the custom portrait as scheduled. We will be sending proofs and product mockups (where applicable) before finalizing the portrait. 

If you've read this far, thank you! It is our privilege and joy to be a part of preserving wonderful memories and images of your furry special friend. A custom portrait is a wonderful and unique gift that will be celebrated and enjoyed for many, may years to come. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


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