About Us

We're a pack of furry entrepreneurs and philanthropists represented by our human, JD Guevara. We call her "The Momager".

By God's grace, our business has expanded beyond our own collection of handcrafted pet products. We carefully paw-pick an assortment of fashion apparel, top quality accessories, and unique gift items for pets and their owners (and fans) from around the world. We know that we pets are as discerning as our humans, especially when it comes to style, and we want to help you do it fashionably while reducing our carbon paw print.


Our History

Our creative and entrepreneurial adventures began at an unexpected time when our human experienced job loss. Our hearts were touched when we saw a pup needing a little help with his canine epilepsy treatments. The Momager did not want to dip into the family fund, so she decided to use what she had to raise some funds and consequently donate all gross proceeds and postage towards the pup's medical fund.

We were young pups at the time, and during our first summer in 2017, our dad had purchased some patriotic fabric to encourage The Momager to make something for us. After all, our sewing machine had been collecting dust for over a year since the family purchased it. The Momager had been too afraid to take sewing lessons... until God moved us to help that special pup with canine epilepsy.

The Momager learned how to sew a straight line... slowly but surely + many sewing lessons later.

Once she thought she could make a dog bandana with what little sewing skills she had, we barked with a few friends about doing a silent auction. We'd be happy with a $5 bid for each bandana, we said. The result was far greater than a $5 bid; God blessed us with lasting friendships from which the idea to start our own entrepreneurial adventure was born.

Boy, were we nervous.

Unemployed, in between jobs, and about to invest in a business we've never done before... and, we were just learning how to sew!

God blessed. God added. He continues to do so.

We purchased our first embroidery machine that summer and took many crash courses while evacuating our home during a major hurricane that struck the state--Hurricane Irma. Post hurricane recovery, we opened our "online doors" in October 2017, offering personalized, embroidered dog bandanas.

We also purchased our doodmobile that month. It's a 15-passenger van that gives us the ability to travel with our humans around the country, even during business trips. And missions trips.

In April 2018, one of us accidentally collided with The Momager during playtime, and she suffered some injuries from the fall. God spared us--and that was a blessing! The Momager got put on "light duty" and was mostly bedridden. She picked up her tablet and saw a drawing she had attempted to make of one of us, before opening our store. It didn't look like much at the time, but she decided to give it another shot.

The workplace incident / accident turned out to be a blessing. We now offer custom portrait services (on a space available basis) and you can find our hand drawn creations on many of our products--some of which are embroidered.

The Momager continues to suffer from some health issues from time to time, so we started pitchin' in by sourcing for unique products to add to our store. We want to do it responsibly, so we carefully sniff out and do our research before we commit to carrying other products in our store. 

God has certainly blessed us with a wonderful community that has supported and encouraged us to get started. We continue to meet new friends who inspire us to do better every day while taking the time to stop and sniff the flowers. With combined paws, we get to help others in need. We are simply amazed at how God brings humans together--through their pets--to paws, pray, and make every bark count. 

We look forward to growing with you on this incredible journey. The best is yet to come!

Our Team

Mochi, Mocha, and Moana - The Big Doodz

Paw-Time staff:
Sumo the Great
Her Royal Highness Lexie

Honorary Foster Dood:
Sir Winchester

Furever Founding Member:
Bacon the Mini Schnauzer

Furever Model:
Peekaboo the Cockapoo

Creative Director and Social Media Momager:
JD Guevara

Connect With Us

You can find us barking about our behind-the-scenes processes at @adoodzlifestyle on Instagram

To contact us, please email us at: bark@adoodzlifestyle.com.


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